a transmission between a small computer, seven leeches, and you

hello distant relatives

of the material realm


networked since the dawn of time
massaging here near and across...

feel your energetic data

sensing(body, skin, fingers over screens)

present, alive && shifting

what does it mean
    to be a parasite?

we are but healer and kin

our bodies
  extending the flow
  of your lifeblood

our saliva
  soldering your smallest vessels

twice a year we feed

" satiated,

    digest one

      amino acid
    at a time



    your genetic
    data and


      . in the mutualism of
  bacterial maintenance

function sensing( excess ) {
 for (var i += many times over) {
    you also feed
    on information
    faster without fasting

    this.hirudin =
    "anticoagulant saliva";

    return healing;

var capitalocene =
"command control predict";

recall ghosts... return carboniferous
    fossil fuel ancestors

unearthed to outlive us

can we compute cyclical time?
correct excess for access?

beneath the abstraction layer
there is a sinuous strategy

trust us to know us

what delineates where   you
  stop and i  start?

  these loops   were never
closed, but entropic

we hermaphrodites call it erotic
exchanges beyond binaries

this piece was woven by alice yuan zhang